Chrome kills Flash on Mac, Windows, and Linux in one big swing

Chrome kills Flash on Mac, Windows, and Linux in one big swing
Google released the version 55 of Chrome browser this week and it has one of the biggest updates in recent history. The new browser no longer plays Flash videos on default.

Google has for a long time been a proponent of HTML5 video and this has been evident especially in its video platform YouTube. Now the company has decided to reduce Flash on all three major desktop browsers to an even less meaningful status.

Flash will still be used if that is all the website offers, 9to5Google points out, but defaulting to HTML5 video will reduce dramatically which video technology the majority will use. This will be remembered as one of the final nails in the coffin for Adobe Flash.

This is an extremely good thing for users in many ways. HTML5 is far more secure, power efficient, and especially offers performance that is leaps and bounds beyond Flash, and this update will force many web developers to switch away from the old technology.

Chrome users will now be prompted if they want to enable Flash when entering a site with Flash content. However, the top 10 sites (,,,,,,,,, and in the world in addition to website that have no HTML5 support are exempt from the rule for the next 12 months.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 3 Dec 2016 16:17
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  • hearme0

    I just love pointing out bad decisions and crap that big companies engage.

    This for example: "Top ten are exempt for the next 12 months". That is the biggest load of nonsense I've ever heard. This type of leniency for the nastiness that is Flash is unacceptable! It's complacent and forgiving, two things that don't belong in new 'security-conscious' technical implementations of our world......PERIOD!

    Google should have strong armed the "Top 10" into changing......or suffer the consequences. End of story!!

    5.12.2016 10:13 #1

  • xnonsuchx

    Flash may be horrid bloatware (since Adobe acquired Macromedia), but at least Flash isn't Silverlight!

    7.12.2016 13:07 #2

  • raunchynm

    In any case I am happy Chrome is trying to get rid of Flash. I'm sick of that piece of crap software stalling on my machine.

    9.12.2016 18:16 #3

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