Nintendo Switch dead pixels annoy buyers

Nintendo Switch dead pixels annoy buyers
Some gamers with a new Nintendo Switch are complaining about annoying dead or stuck pixels on the device's LCD screen.

Nintendo has responded that the dead or stuck pixels are a characteristic of LCD screens and shouldn't be considered a product defect. Yet, users are complaining that on a portable gaming device, stuck/dead pixels are a considerable distraction.

Similar problems have arose with the launch of other portable consoles, including the Nintendo DS, which eventually prompted Nintendo to replace defective units.

CE products with LCD screens are often returned when found to have dead or stuck pixels, including phones and tablet PCs.

Nintendo customers who have dead or stuck pixels should try to return the device to the retailer and seek a replacement.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 7 Mar 2017 12:30
Nintendo Switch
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  • hearme0

    Nintendo has hit a new low to honestly say that;

    "dead or stuck pixels are a characteristic of LCD screens and shouldn't be considered a product defect."

    Nonsense! This is tantamount to saying "cancer is the characteristic of humanity, it's not a problem" therefore, encouraging people to ignore!

    F THAT!

    8.3.2017 15:31 #1

  • Mysttic

    LOL - nice. This is also not the first time they attempted this stunt - they did it on the 3DS too. People should just be smart and take it back anyhow: demand their $ back from the retailer front and let the retailer push that fight back onto Nintendo. A defect is a defect whether you deny it or not: it's not working as advertised.

    11.3.2017 07:40 #2

  • Menion

    That is low, BBB complaints and demanding the retailer for a swap or refund appears to be the only course of action at this point. While dead pixels do happen with the age of a product, it is completely unacceptable for a brand new screen.

    It's completely understandable that there will be a low percentage of defective units that ship, but Nintendo needs to own up to that low percentage and replace them. In the instance of a launch system, they should also be offering RMA options for the inconvenience.

    14.3.2017 02:09 #3

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