Atari reveals its Ataribox game console in pictures

Atari reveals its Ataribox game console in pictures
A month ago, after the E3 game conference, we heard rumors and saw a teaser of a new Atari product. The computer brand from the 70s was said to be developing a new game console.

Soon after Atari CEO Fred Chesnais confirmed the rumors but didn't have many details to reveal about the product. In the teaser we saw a sneak peek into some of the aesthetics but now we've got the entire thing to show you.

As you can see the device indeed has a retro look with a dark wood paneling covering the front. And as expected the design is based on the legendary Atari 2600 but is definitely not a replica.

If the nostalgic wooden panel isn't your thing, you can get the console with glass front panel with black/red coloring.

The device, called Ataribox, is essentially like Nintendo's last year's NES Classic that runs the classic games, but Atari says that you would also be able to get some "current content". However, don't expect next-gen graphics from even the new content.

Ataribox includes an SD card slot, an HDMI port, and four USB ports. There's also a headphone jack and an ethernet port in the back. The price, availability, or even any of the games have not yet been revealed.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 18 Jul 2017 14:20
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  • Bozobub

    If that's all this thing is, it didn't need to be anywhere near as large. Sounds like a flop to me.

    18.7.2017 14:59 #1

  • fb2075

    Atari games in HD? With those graphics? LMAO!

    18.7.2017 17:28 #2

  • ivymike

    If I can install Kodi on it, it might be worth my time.

    18.7.2017 23:56 #3

  • KillerBug

    If they include basically every game ever made (or at least all the good ones) with HDMI then I am guessing there will be a core group of people who would like one of these. Yes, the original graphics suck but it really wouldn't take much to at least include some filters to take the edges off (literally). Even failing that, not needing an adapter would be a benefit versus the original and it also looks like the controls will be wireless. Nevermind the issues caused by ancient slot cartridges and 40 year old hardware in general.

    Remember that to most AD readers if you want an HDMI 2600 with wireless controls you buy a RasPi. If you want the controls to be as authentic as possible, just buy an old joystick, solder in new switches, and use a devboard to make it bluetooth; no big deal. But there are plenty of people out there with fond memories of the earliest games AND a complete lack of technical skills who think RasPi is something you get from a diner and a devboard is something like a snowboard...the success of the NES mini is proof of that if nothing else.

    22.7.2017 09:58 #4

  • ivymike

    I once made an adapter for the Atari joysticks for my PC.....It involved using two serial ports in and two serial ports out as the Atari joysticks used the DB9 connector protocol. I don't remember what rating of resistors were used inside the box though but, surprisingly, the damn thing actually worked.

    22.7.2017 10:16 #5

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