These are the top apps in the United States

These are the top apps in the United States
comScore has released its latest chart showing which apps are the most used ones in the United States. As the American mobile phone culture differs quite a lot from other Western countries, the chart is quite interesting one.

First and foremost, the difference between the U.S. mobile phone usage and, say, European one, is the fact that iPhone has significantly higher market share in the U.S. than it has in most other countries - over 40 percent according to one statistic.

However, the list is mostly full of non-surprises, as both Google and Facebook dominate the charts.

SMost popular apps in the United States, Summer 2017
most popular apps in the United States, Summer 2017

#1 is probably not a big surprise to anyone - Facebook's flagship app is being used by a whopping 81 percent of Americans. The second one on the list is a no-brainer too: Google's YouTube is being used by 71 percent of smartphone users.

The rest of the top 10 is dominated by Facebook and Google, too. Facebook has its Instagram and Messenger apps on the list, while Google has its flagship search, GMail, Android's default app store Google Play and Google Maps on the list.

The interesting bits on the list are these two oddities: While rest of the world has Spotify on most such charts, its competitor Pandora replaces the Swedish music giant in the American list. Another one is the absence of Facebook's WhatsApp - the de facto communication app in most countries.

Written by: Petteri Pyyny @ 25 Aug 2017 3:32
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  • PraisesToAllah

    Really? Where the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 article?????

    27.8.2017 02:06 #1

  • hearme0

    Ugh.........Facebook can be excluded as an "app" in the practical sense as it's a shit service used sadly by 1/6th of the world so that's kinda "hand-in-glove"

    FB Messenger, really?? really?? This is nesting, FB messenger should be a part of the FB app........PERIOD. In principle alone this should be excluded.

    Google Search and Maps are preinstalled and can't be removed so declaring them as "Top Used Apps in the US" is like declaring that IE is the most "employed" browser in the world. It's part of the ecosystem so of course it's a "top app".

    Google Play isn't an F'ing app! While it's coded the same way, Google Play is an OUTLET to getting more apps. More a medium rather than an independently function app. Plus it forces us to have it to play most games. Ridiculous!

    Now, Instagram and SnapChat and Pandora, those are traditional "apps".

    This poll is, was and will always be a stupid one.


    28.8.2017 10:54 #2

  • sikosrus

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    Nowhere is the relationship of Allah to Muslims described as like a father to a child. In Islam, the relationship is more like that of a Master to a slave. In fact, that's what Islam means: to submit as a master to a slave, and a Muslim is one who submits. In Islam, the relationship is a one-way street: Allah says, and a Muslim does. One of the most common names for Muslim men and boys is Abdullah, which literally means "slave of God."

    28.8.2017 20:17 #3

  • KillerBug

    You would think that Google Play and the Apple Play store would add up to about 100% between them...maybe as low as 98% when including Windows devices? But google play got 47% and the Apple store is obviously under 40% since it isn't on the list. Any survey that claims that fewer than 87% of smart phone users have used the market apps yet that 81% all have a certain app that uses the markets to update itself is clearly broken. The only 'news' here is that Statista does a terrible job and doesn't even mind releasing stats when they are clearly wrong.

    29.8.2017 08:54 #4

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