PlayStation VR gets a price cut

PlayStation VR gets a price cut
Sony has responded to price cuts by VR competitors by cutting the price of its own popular PlayStation VR gear.

It did so by adding the required PlayStation Camera to a $399 bundle, starting from September 1. Another bundle including a pair of Move controllers will cost $449.

Sony has enjoyed something of an advantage in the space up until recently. Competitors Oculus and HTC had gear that was more expensive and had to be used with a decent PC setup. However, over time HTC cut the price of its Vive gear on multiple occasions, and Oculus recently followed suit with its own price cuts.

Additionally, the minimum specs also dropped meaning the Rift headset with Touch could work well with a lower priced PC. To take advantage of the PlayStation VR system, it is recommended that you own a PlayStation 4 Pro.

From Friday, the price cut for the bundles will take effect across the U.S. and Canada. The core PS VR bundle will include the PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Camera for $399 USD (MSRP) / $499 CAD (MSRP), while the PlayStation VR Worlds bundle adds two PlayStation Move motion controllers and PlayStation VR Worlds for $449 USD (MSRP) / $579 CAD (MSRP).

Written by: James Delahunty @ 30 Aug 2017 7:57
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  • hearme0

    I all do have to at least admit that VR is looking like it's seriously struggling to become relevant. Even tempering down (though I won't say dying out)

    Price cuts, few apps and fewer games. Very very few reviews in general for both big boy systems so that indicates not a lot of marketshare yet.

    Personally, while I love the VR technology, I just don't think it'll take off. Setting aside the software selection is dramatically lacking, no one wants to have a giant pair of goggles on their face for long periods of time. Plus people will sit on their asses for HOURS to avoid having to stand (unless of course the VR software requires standing or moving on feet)

    I don't know......popularity has significantly dropped for VR in general. Articles are more scarce, talk of VR is way down and limited. Prices dropping meaning no one is buying.


    We'll revisit this in 3 years with another "I told you so" from yours truly.

    Don't blame me........I'm just the messenger

    30.8.2017 11:41 #1

  • Mysttic

    Somehow I sadly picture in 5 years as automated vehicles come into play, the driver side slaps a VR headset with an app that has the user pretend driving in a fantasy, sci-fi or hellish setting while vehicle is in motion. When real vehicle turns, the VR vehicle turns your point of view to look at various landscapes to a setting of the user choice.

    30.8.2017 16:54 #2

  • KillerBug

    How about a car that drives itself and the steering wheel and pedals and shifter all become controls for a VR driving game? A morning commute in a minivan could become a F1 race! Or maybe just have the driving part of Grand Theft Auto? People will need something to do while not driving...and the controls are going to be there for a very long time if government agencies get their way (which they generally do).

    30.8.2017 23:39 #3

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