A new nerd phone promises true, open Linux and security

A new nerd phone promises true, open Linux and security
A group of open source advocates started a few years back a company called Purism. The idea behind the company was to attain crowdsourcing for a new type of computer and operating system, known as PureOS. Now the same company has decided to develop a smartphone.

Like the computer the new smartphone, called Librem 5, runs PureOS, a Linux-based operating system. Purism markets the phone as the truly pure GNU+Linux-based smartphone product.

While Android is based on Linux too, PureOS is based on GNU free software and Debian Linux distribution and is entirely open source. This means that Librem 5 owners can, for example, change the Linux distribution to something else if they don't like PureOS.

In addition to being the holy grail of nerd smartphones with a proper Linux operating system, Purism hypes the security aspects of the phone. According to the company because of the open source nature of the operating system it is completely transparent. Thus you'll never be snooped through hidden backdoors, and your information won't be used to profit the manufacturer.

Librem 5 has been succesfully crowdfunded via the company's Puri.sm website. As of writing this it has $1,612,858 in funding which is 107.52% of the $1.5 million goal, and there are still 12 days to go.

Backers get the phone for $599 but there aren't currently much specs available. However, as the name suggests it is a smartphone with a 5 inch display. You can read more about Librem 5 at puri.sm.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 11 Oct 2017 16:20
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  • hearme0

    I definitely like where this is going!

    Android is horrid and IOS while not bad, is bound by rules that some don't want to deal in.

    This world has needed a new entrant into the smartphone OS market for quite some time.

    Cause Android just sux the big one in every way.

    16.10.2017 10:22 #1

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