Google loves killing its own products - List of killed Google products is massive

Google loves killing its own products - List of killed Google products is massive
Google has created some of the most popular online services and products of modern era, ranging from its namesake search engine to Gmail, YouTube and others. But company is also notorious for killing off its own products - even those that users seem to love wholeheartedly.

This killing spree that has lasted for more than a decade has made some people very, very wary of falling in love to anything that Google has produced. And it might explain - to a degree - why some of the Google's products of recent years have failed to gather significant number of users.

Looking at the list of killed products in Google portfolio, it might be fair to say that the suspicious take is pretty granted. One of the biggest outrages was caused when Google shut down its Google Reader service back in 2013. Similarly, killing off much-hyped Google Glass AR product was also a disappointment to many people.

But looking at the entire list of killed Google products over the years is mind-boggling, as there are products that most of us have never even heard about - but some, which might have been useful - and even loved - to its users. Many people have hoped that Google would simply sell the products that it doesn't want to continue, but they have never done so, but prefer killing them instead.

Some of the "Killed by Google" products include:

  • Google+ - social network service
  • Inbox by Google - an alternative email service
  • Google Allo - yet another messenger from Google
  • Chromecast Audio - audio-only version of Chromecast product
  • Google Search Appliance - a physical server product that companies could buy from Google and use for their own internal search engines. This product existed from 2002 to 2018.
  • Google Spaces - a workgroup service
  • Google Code - an online code repository service
  • Picasa - image service, merged into Google Photos
  • Google Glass - augmented reality glasses
  • Orkut - a social network, popular in Brazil
  • iGoogle - a customizable Google homepage
  • Google Reader - RSS feed reader
  • Knol - an online community for sharing knowledge articles
  • Jaiku - a Twitter-like social network that Google bought and killed
  • Google Directory - a curated link directory
  • Google Answers - a q&a site by Google

This is just a list of some of the best-known Google services that have been since shut down. For a full, updated list of all services killed off by Google, you can se ethe list here.

Written by: Petteri Pyyny @ 3 Apr 2019 8:05
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