China might soon have their own blacklist after Huawei ban

China might soon have their own blacklist after Huawei ban
Huawei is one of the most influential Chinese companies around, and while it's still unclear whether the government indeed influences the company, they sure have been targeted like that is a fact.

After US blacklisting Huawei and disallowing American companies to continue business with them, at least after the initial 90 day delay, the company has been trying to both fight the ban in the courts and trying to minimize the damage to its brand.

They've also expressed publicly that they do not wish similar reaction from the Chinese governement and rather fight the ban in the US court of law, where it argues that the ban in unconstitutional.

Whether this is just posturing or what they actual believe, is only known by inside the company, and perhaps the Chinese government if what US has suggested for years is true.

Nevertheless, Chinese governement seems to be ready to strike back. Report from Bloomberg tells us that China is planning to determine a list of "unrealiable" entities that could be thousands of companies that aren't working with Huawei.

Most notably these companies could include American enterprises like Google and Qualcomm but also UK-based ARM known for its mobile processor architecture.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 31 May 2019 18:28
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  • Preedanuman


    i am here to make friend

    1.6.2019 10:52 #1

  • KillerBug

    China already has a much more extreme; Huawei is already a government enforced monopoly in their sector because they are run by the CCP...which is also why they get bans elsewhere. Google is also banned already for not enforcing total censorship on the entire internet worldwide. If the CCP does 'strike back' no one will notice; it will just look like a routine hissy fit.

    2.6.2019 16:07 #2

  • rich5544

    Why would any American purchase a Huawei phone if there is even a chance (but most likely is) the Chinese government is using it to spy on US technology. (which they probably are). The Chinese are not our friends. They practically own us now. "Made in China". Have you ever checked your children for a stamp saying "MADE IN CHINA". Everything else is.

    10.6.2019 16:06 #3

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