Google goes ahead and blocks some of the ad blockers

Google goes ahead and blocks some of the ad blockers
Google announced in January that it will be blocking extensions from using a specific API that was commonly used to block ads. Even after a fairly sizable brouhaha from the ad blocker community, Google has decided to put the new policy in place.

Google is providing a new declarativeNetRequest API within Chrome for ad blockers and other extensions but it is not as extensive as the previously used webRequest interface.

While ad blockers do have to go through a few hoops to provide similar experience to customers as before, it is not going to entirely change the landscape of ad blockers on Chrome.

Essentially extensions like uBlock Origin and Ghostery have to adopt the AdBlock Plus', arguable less effective, model.

However, Google hasn't blocked even the previous one entirely.

The Enterprise version of Google Chrome will still be allowed to use webRequest for blocking ads. This is likely so that companies don't have to change their internal extensions because of the change.

According to Google, not allowing the public use of webRequest API is done to expand on user privacy and ensure a safe user experience. Ad blockers might contest that making it harder to block ads is very convenient for the largest ad provider in the world.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 31 May 2019 16:19
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  • todwetherington

    Minusta tuntuu, että tämä on erittäin hyvä idea. Näin selaimessa on paljon helpompaa työskennellä. Yritän nyt poistaa mainoksia projektistani.

    3.6.2019 04:19 #1

  • rich5544

    I love google, BUT Google is getting too big for their or our own good. Lets hope there is a start up company that will be able to compete ... if google doesn't buy them first.

    10.6.2019 16:12 #2

  • rich5544

    Ban this, Ban that. Google is starting to sound like the Chinese and Russians. Whatever happened to the free uncensored internet.

    10.6.2019 16:16 #3

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