No pre-installed Facebook for Huawei phones

No pre-installed Facebook for Huawei phones
The U.S. government's blacklisting of Huawei has resulted in fairly dire consequences for the Chinese smartphone giant. Many of the American, as well as some European, companies have stopped, or will stop, working with Huawei.

Now another U.S. top brand is shying away from supporting Huawei. Facebook has announced that it will no longer provide their apps for pre-installation on Huawei devices.

This means that no Huawei comes with Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp installed at the factory. However, it doesn't ban the apps from being installed, or updated, by the user. At least as long as Huawei phones retain the ability to use Google Play.

According to atw, the policy applies to all the phone units that haven't yet been shipped, including smartphone models that have been in stores before the blacklist.

Obviously this isn't the worst of the blacklist consequences but it sure doesn't help Huawei's standing against other Android brands. First and foremost the problems will come with Google and Android and perhaps after that from chip manufacturers and designers like Qualcomm and ARM.

In the end Huawei's future seems to depend on whether the U.S. government requests over privacy and security are met, or perhaps how trade negotiations between Trump and Xi Jinping go at G-20 meeting later in June.

Written by: Matti Vähäkainu @ 8 Jun 2019 16:43
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  • pmshah

    No effing loss. I wish all the smartphone manufacturers stopped kept that piece of junk application out of the pre-installed list. I absolutely refuse to use it nor do I need it.

    11.6.2019 00:10 #1

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