Samsung's Galaxy Fold set for launch after screen issues

Samsung's Galaxy Fold set for launch after screen issues
Samsung has revealed that it is preparing to launch the Galaxy Fold, its first foldable smartphone, in the coming months.

The launch of the almost $2,000 foldable smartphone was delayed after reviewers experience serious problems with the device. Some experienced screen damage after moderate use while others said the hinges that enabled the folding of the device failed.

Samsung has strengthened the hinges and worked on the screen issues and is currently conducting final tests ahead of a planned launch in September. In the first year, it intends to make around 1 million units of the high-end smartphone.

The South Korean giant hopes that the foldable device and future derivatives of it may revive slowing smartphone sales across the world. It had hoped that the Fold would provide an early boost in revenue during the summer season, but April's problems forced the company to hold back.

Given the early issues with the device, the launch may struggle to convince prospective buyers to be early adopters, rather than waiting to see if the issues have been really fixed.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 25 Jul 2019 7:37
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  • Mr-Movies

    Smart move this phone may boost their sales initially but could bankrupt the company when they have to keep replacing the phones, or giving back the money.

    It's hard enough from keeping from having dead pixels on a normal screen, now start folding it constantly, it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure out the outcome, or does it?

    And then lets look at the Burn-In issues that are a known factor for these displays, time to look at better technologies or solve the problems before cutting a new disaster. That would be silly or would it?

    29.7.2019 21:13 #1

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