You can soon watch YouTube Originals for free

You can soon watch YouTube Originals for free
As Netflix made it obvious, for Redbox and Blockbuster painfully so, that streaming is the new medium for TV and movies, every major player in both media as well as tech space started planning on their own platforms.

The same can be said for Spotify that is still the top dog even after Apple investing copious amounts of money to play catch-up.

One of the ones that should've had perhaps one of the strongest claims to the thrones, Google, has barely gotten their feet wet after years and years of trial and error.

Be it YouTube Red, Google Play Music, or even the newer iterations called YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium, none of them have really made a splash in the game.

Earlier this year Google announced that it is planning on bringing YouTube Originals to customers without a Premium subscription. Obviously this is due to the poor performance by their exclusive content.

Now, YouTube has indeed confirmed that this is happening soon. After September 24, all YouTube users will be able to view YouTube Originals without a paid subscription.

However, this doesn't mean that Premium subscribers no longer exist, and they still have a few advantages over the ones without the $12 a month service.

First, and most obvious, difference is the fact that not paying will get you ads, and probably a lot of them. The other features that differentiate a Premium subscription are downloadable episodes for offline viewing, access to all episodes immediately after the premiere, and exclusive content such as director's cuts.

YouTube has not announced price changes so YouTube Premium is still $11.99 and includes YouTube Music Premium.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 17 Aug 2019 13:14
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