Twitter's fleets are fleeting thoughts, not tweets

Twitter's fleets are fleeting thoughts, not tweets
Twitter revealed yesterday that it has started a new beta test in Brazil. The company is testing a new features called fleets, which are disappearing tweets.

Fleets, named after fleeting tweet, are similar to features on other platforms, including Snapchat's and Facebook's stories. They automatically disappear after 24 hours of posting the content.

Unlike tweets, fleets do not appear on the timeline. Instead, you can access person's latest fleet by clicking on the profile picture.

Twitter spokesperson told Reuters that one can use the new fleet feature when a thought doesn't quite manifest as a tweet but just a, well, fleeting thought.

There's no word on when fleets could become a worldwide feature, and it is certainly still a possibility that it might not land on your app at all.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 5 Mar 2020 10:45
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