Disney+ hits impressive 50 million subscriber milestone already

Disney+ hits impressive 50 million subscriber milestone already
Disney has announced that the company's streaming platform has acquired already more than 50 million paid users.

The subscriber milestone is without a doubt impressive, considering that the platform has been available, and in limited fashion, for less than 5 months.

The figure was reached in the coming weeks after the launch in India as well as in much of Europe. European launch countries in the past three weeks have included UK, Germany, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Austria.

Netflix passed 50 million subscribers only after 15 years, although it's clearly a different sort of timeline. Currently Netflix's subscriber count is likely closing in on 200 million.

It is also worth to note that 8 million of Disney+ subscribers come from Indian service Hotstar which was rebranded Disney+ Hotstar at the launch of the Disney+.

Many would've expected subscriber growth to slow down significantly after the initial 90 days in which Disney managed to lure in nearly 30 million subscribers. However, adding another over 20 million in two months is a mighty feat.

Disney is going to continue expansion around the world with at least some European countries expected to join in during the summer months.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 9 Apr 2020 11:21
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  • SoTired

    This is a highly misleading article and statistic. For Disney, a "paid subscriber" includes someone who bought something completely different from someone other than Disney but Disney threw in a free subscription in the process. For example, all Verizon unlimited data customers get free Disney Plus, and yet somehow Disney includes those users in its "paid subscribers" number. At one point, the Verizon free-subscription customers were 20% of Disney's "paid subscriber" base; I don't know whether that number has gone up. But when Disney is using that enormous group to boost its number, you have to wonder what other games go into that number.

    10.4.2020 13:03 #1

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