Telecom building fire in Finland, 5G conspiracy theory to blame?

Telecom building fire in Finland, 5G conspiracy theory to blame?
It is perhaps not surprising that in these dire times people are seeking for explanations from all kinds of sources and beliefs. However, perhaps the most ludicrous conspiracy theory to unearth since the flat earth is linking 5G cellular networks and COVID-19.

Not only are some spreading this hilariously insane idea on the web, some are so sure of its validity that they are taking down 5G equipment to prevent the spread of the virus. This seems to have started in the UK but it was only a matter of time before somewhere else people were to follow suit.

The threat has been taken so seriously that the likes of YouTube are removing this specific conspiracy content from their service altogether.

Yesterday, a police report from a small town of Pedersöre in Osthrobothnia, Finland has revealed a fire in a telecommunications building next to a cellular tower. The fire managed to advance enough to cut the tower from the rest of the network.

According to the police, the fire seems to have been lit on purpose and they investigate the case as arson.

It has to be noted that there's no 5G network in the area, and likely no 5G equipment located at the site. Whether the suspect knew this or not is uncertain, as there hasn't been arrests yet.

The Finnish national public broadcasting company released an article in 2018, which went into the anti-vaxxing movement within Finland. The report detailed families in Pedersöre, which is located in one of the anti-vaxxing hotspots in Finland.

Conspiracy thinking breeds more conspiracies?

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 20 Apr 2020 13:13
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  • The_Fatguy

    Well ... at least they arent panic buying toilet paper any more.

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