Epic Games caves in, brings Fortnite to Google Play

Epic Games caves in, brings Fortnite to Google Play
Epic Games announced yesterday that they've released their supremely popular battle royale game, Fortnite, on Google Play.

The game has been available on Android for a while now but the company has decided not to release it via Google's app store due to high share they would have to provide Google for each purchase.

Clearly Epic Games has now grown tired of not being on the most populous app store on the planet, and have caved in under the pressure of Google's ecosystem.

The company's statement makes it clear that this move is not made without the slightest scorn. In fact, the company still believes that the 30 percent cut Google gets is unreasonable, and that they make developers outside the app store feel like criminals by issuing them similar status as malware.

You'll still be able to acquire the game outside the app store like you did before the announcement if you don't want Google to get a cut.

It is fairly certain that figures on Android haven't been satisfactory to Epic Games and this move was forced upon them. Now it remains to be seen how it can compete with a long-time Google Play favorite PUBG Mobile on Android.

You can download Fortnite from Google Play here.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 22 Apr 2020 10:52
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  • lamain

    Been a while since I used amazons store but if I recall correctly once you install another store the warning messages go away as long as you are installing from that store.

    I will say Epic has a good point and it is sad to see they felt they had to come back to the store. Maybe they will expand there epic store to Android.

    As long as they keep encouraging exclusives as a way to gain market share I will continue to not use them. Competition good but they are the bad competition.

    22.4.2020 17:43 #1

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