Zoom valuation surpassed seven largest airlines, combined

Zoom valuation surpassed seven largest airlines, combined
COVID-19 has been destructive on both the health of people of the world as well as the health of most economies. Obviously some have gotten it worse than other, and this is true in both realms.

In business, not many businesses have had it harder than the airline industry, and, as we all know, Zoom has become the new Kleenex of video conferencing. Merging financial data from these companies brings us to a very interesting tidbit.

An infographic shared on Twitter expands upon the market cap difference of Zoom and seven of the largest airlines. According to it, Zoom has outgrown all seven combined with $47.47 billion.

The largest of the airlines is Southwest with a market cap of $14.68 billion and it's followed by Delta at $12 billion, United at $6 billion, as well as IAG (including British Airways), Lufthansa, American Airlines and Air France with peanuts.

Figures have been calculated using May 15 stock prices, and even though Zoom's stock has gone up, so have the airlines, and they've overtaken Zoom eve so slightly.

At the time of writing this the combined value of the seven airlines is at just over $53 billion while Zoom's market cap is a pitiful 48.45 billion.

Although Zoom's rise has been impressive one wouldn't expect competition between Zoom and seven largest airlines to last much longer as travel rules are loosening.

More about the "Zoom Boom" vs "Airline Decline" you can read at Visual Capitalist.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 20 May 2020 10:30
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