Spotify has a new couples plan called Premium Duo

Spotify has a new couples plan called Premium Duo
If you have a significant other and you are sharing a music streaming service, especially Spotify with all kinds of algorithmic magic, you've definitely noticed some drawbacks.

On the other hand, if you both have the same service, there's probably quite a bit of overlap that makes it awfully uneconomical to have two plans. Well, turns out that Spotify has been thinking about rectifying these exact problems.

Cue Spotify Premium Duo.

Spotify's new couples plan, Premium Duo, offers two Premium accounts under the same umbrella. This allows them to enjoy the personalized and automized playlists separately but also to "unique benefits" as a couple at $12.99/mo. That's a three dollar premium compared to the regular Spotify Premium.

In addition to the custom playlists, users of course get access to the 50 million or so songs and an increasingly large catalog of podcasts, currently weighing in over 1 million podcasts and soon exclusively including the Joe Rogan Experience.

The unique benefits include Duo Mix, and automatically updated playlist that combines the couple's music likes in one place.

There's really no limits who counts as a couple, except that they do have to share an address, so roommates seem to be just fine too.

You can learn more about Spotify Premium Duo at

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 2 Jul 2020 11:07
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