Nintendo's 2021 brings a new 4K Switch, report

Nintendo's 2021 brings a new 4K Switch, report
4K has been a household feature of TV sets for years now. The current gaming consoles have moved to 4K ready gaming too.

Sony and Microsoft are planning on offering ever higher definition gaming in their next generation of gaming consoles, due later this year.

Nintendo has been reluctant to join the spec wars with the two, and probably for a good reason. However, hardware advancements are taken as needed with Nintendo's gaming products when they make sense.

According to a report by Bloomberg, next year is going to make sense for Nintendo to move to 4K. The report claims that Nintendo is planning a new version of the Switch for 2021.

The sources cited say that the new Switch will adds 4K resolution among other, presumably less important, things. While other details are still scarce, rumor also has that Nintendo is trying to also improve next year's game lineup with company's own games as well as games from some of the partners.

With 4K capabilities you can expect a boost in computing power too and likely actual performance wherever 4K is not used.

Nintendo Switch has been hugely successful and hits like Animal Crossing: New Horizons made it hard to even get your hands on Nintendo's convertible console.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 25 Aug 2020 10:33
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