Fix it: Website wont load with first try on Android's Chrome?

Fix it: Website wont load with first try on Android's Chrome?
Several people have complained during the past few weeks about an issue with Android phones and Google Chrome browser about weird hiccup.

The problem is this: When entering an address or a search term to Chrome's address bar, blank page appears, but nothing gets loaded. This might happen once, twice or three times, but after repeated tries, the search results or the page requested finally loads.

We have witnessed this behavious happening with several relatively recent phones, most notably, with two OnePlus Nord models with latest Chrome installed, running with Android 11.

After tweaking with settings, at first, nothing helped. The problem hasn't been related to the network used, as it happened whether we used mobile network or various WiFi networks.

However, we found a way to isolate the problem and to fix it. Here's how:

1. Open Chrome

2. Go to Chrome settings

Tap three dots in top-right corner of Chrome

Tap the three-dot menu located in top-right corner.

Go to settings

Scroll down in menu and tap Settings.

3. Change settings accordingly

Choose Privacy settings

Now, tap the Privacy and security selection seen in Settings menu.

Navigate to Secure DNS section

Choose Use secure DNS selection.

Turn off the secure DNS

Switch off the Use secure DNS setting.

4. Done!

There seems to be some kind of a hiccup with some phone models using Chrome's default-on secure DNS. Switching this setting off wont dramatically reduce your phones security or your privacy, but consider this solution as a temporary hack until Google addresses it and gets it fixed.

Written by: Petteri Pyyny @ 1 Mar 2021 5:49
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