Top 10 most-watched Netflix movies ever

Top 10 most-watched Netflix movies ever
Netflix has published a list of its most popular own movies ever.

Topping the chart is the last year's action movie The Extraction with a whopping 99 million views to date. Overall, the list has tons of movies from very recent years, as number of Netflix's subscribers has steadily grown over the years, most notably, globally.

The latest entry to the list is the May 2021 release of Army of the Dead with 72 million views, climbing to the list's tied ninth place, sharing the last spot in the list with last year's George Clooney movie The Midnight Sky.

Here's the full top ten:

  1. Extraction (99M)
  2. Bird Box (89M)
  3. Spenser Confidential (85M)
  4. 6 Underground (83M)
  5. Murder Mystery (83M)
  6. The Old Guard (78M)
  7. Enola Holmes (76M)
  8. Project Power (75M)
  9. The Midnight Sky
    Army of the Dead (tied, both with 72M)

Here' the trailer of the latest entry, the zombie movie Army of the Dead:

Written by: Petteri Pyyny @ 1 Jun 2021 5:27
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  • GodfreyStephen

    I have also heard about these movies through internet radio hören. Due to the COVID situation, I can't go to the cinema to watch it, it's really a pity to miss such good movies.

    9.6.2021 23:43 #1

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