Your Netflix subscription might include games soon

Your Netflix subscription might include games soon
According to rumors, Netflix is serious about expnading to new areas. Company has hired former EA exec to oversee its video game development department, paving way to Netflix's upcoming subscription gaming service.

Details are somewhat murky, but according to Bloomberg, Netflix is developing its own in-house game studio that is set to develop games for year 2022. The games would appear in Netflix lists, just like movies and TV shows do.

Big questions, like "what device you use to play the games?" are still completely open. But one thing seems to be clear: Netflix - for now - doesn't plan to charge extra for the games, as they'd be part of all Netflix subscriptions. But obviously, if the game part of Netflix becomes popular, it would help Netflix justify its future price increases.

Games would be streamed, which is the current trend set out by likes of Microsoft, Sony and Google's Stadia service. But as far as the controllers, etc go, nobody knows whether you're supposed to play with your TV remote or do the games need a computer and a browser in order to run them.

Written by: Petteri Pyyny @ 15 Jul 2021 8:12
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