Spotify is down globally - again

Spotify is down globally - again
Today, at around 18:00 UTC, Spotify went burning down - globally. Users haven't been able to log in to the streaming service since the service interruption began.

According the DownDetector, a service that monitors thousands of websites and services, the problems started immediately at around 18:00 UTC and have been on-going since then.

Spotify down 2022-03-08
Spotify status, according to DownDetector service

Problem has been noticed at Spotify, too, as they've tweeted about the issue on their official account:

It seems that the problem is related to some part of Amazon Web Service cloud service, as also Discord seems to be experiencing similar downtime right now.

Written by: Petteri Pyyny @ 8 Mar 2022 13:40
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  • The_Fatguy

    Must be all the Neil Young fans crashing the server(s)

    8.3.2022 13:43 #1

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