Android 13 officially released

Android 13 officially released
Without much fanfare, Google just released the final, stable version of Android 13 operating system.

As usual, the new operating system is already available for all supported Google Pixel phones, starting with Pixel 4 series. Pixel 3 and older wont be eligible for the update and they're considered to have reached their end.

Android 13 beta is already available to selected handsets outside the Google Pixel family. All major Android manufacturers (Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi and more) have at least one of their models enrolled to Android beta program.

Android 13 improves privacy controls, the way how audio can be cast to various output devices and much, much more.

There's already a list of phones expected to get the Android 13 update available. Obviously, as manufacturer announce their detailed release plans, the list will evolve and grow.

For full list of changes - technical or more visible ones - Google's developer site has a very detailed list of changes since Android 12.

Written by: Petteri Pyyny @ 15 Aug 2022 14:24
Android 13
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  • anyabaker

    Wow. sounds really good. Now, the next major software update to Google's Android mobile operating system is officially rolling out.

    5.9.2022 08:29 #1

  • WinchInsider

    that is amazing. but i have one question is android 13 is come only sumsung mobile phone or all android mobile phone like Nokia, Oppo, infinix and realme etc.

    21.9.2022 06:39 #2

  • bestdivorcelawyerind

    i hope August 15th released
    On August 15, 2022, Google officially launched the latest version of the world’s largest mobile operating system: Android 13. If you own a Google Pixel 4 or later (including the Pixel 4a and later), you should already have the update ready to go.

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    26.9.2022 09:39 #3

  • dickheadoval

    wow, thats incredible. But I have one question is android 13 is come only sumsung mobile phone or all android mobile phone such as Nokia, Oppo, infinix, realme etc. foodle


    2.10.2022 23:16 #4

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