Apple to announce Verizon iPhone on Valentine's Day?

Apple to announce Verizon iPhone on Valentine's Day?
According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple may be unveiling the oft-rumored Verizon iPhone 4 on Valentine's Day, February 14th.

AT&T has been the exclusive carrier of the iPhone since its launch in 2007, but Consumer Reports recently ranked them the worst carrier in the nation, and iPhone owners have long complained of slow 3G speeds and dropped calls, especially in metropolitan areas.

Says the report:
"Verizon enjoys a reputation for reliability. AT&T is notorious for dropping calls, especially in densely populated places like New York and San Francisco where iPhones are most common and cell towers get loaded."

Apple's event will include a "splashy product introduction to announce a new version of the iPhone that work's on Verizon's network," and that it will definitely be later than next month's CES, likely on Valentine's Day.

While in the long run, the loss of an exclusive iPhone contract will be a concern for AT&T, the report says it may not be easy for Verizon, at the start:

"At least initially, Verizon's iPhone may have weaknesses compared to AT&T's. The expense and hassle of changing carriers could also work to AT&T's advantage."

AT&T's early termination fee for smartphones is also $325, which will certainly dissuade many current owners from switching.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 30 Dec 2010 0:32
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  • (unverified)

    Cough cough, it's still not 4G...

    30.12.2010 03:10 #1

  • HustlerOne

    Originally posted by Cough cough, it's still not 4G... **COUGH COUGH** Lurk Moar. There's other rumors of the iPhone having LTE chips with backwards compatibility with their old data network. You can find this easily by using google news and typing in "verizon iphone" in the search field.

    Of course I realize all of these are just rumors. Even that a verizon iPhone is just a rumor. But if one thinks about it and applies common sense to the situation. Unless Apple pulls the old trick of holding back until NEXT years model they would be wise to include an LTE chipset.
    As a matter of fact I believe I remember it being written somewhere that "Steve Jobs didn't want the Iphone released until LTE reached critical mass." That being said Verizon is debuting LTE at CES 2011.

    But until it actually happens or Apple releases a signed statement this is all speculation.

    30.12.2010 08:22 #2

  • set1222

    Actually I just canceled my AT&T/Iphone account, it was not $325. It was $150 -$4 for every month completed of my contract.

    30.12.2010 14:05 #3

  • RLE271000

    iphone, shmi-phone. As someone who has used both, the Droid is better. At least, that's my opinion. Although it would be smart for Verizon to offer the iphone. It will aloow them to expand their already large customer base.

    30.12.2010 14:23 #4

  • blueboy09

    And we are still waiting, waiting, waiting. Notice a pattern here?

    Life is about walking on thin ice, if you make too much drama, youll crack under pressure. - BLUEBOY

    30.12.2010 14:37 #5

  • harhumph

    Good the less people on Tmobile the faster my internet is, let people continue to cripple Verizon's already slow internet!

    30.12.2010 14:44 #6

  • molsen

    I will be interested to see when they release it? It has only been around 2 years of teasing. Not a fan-boy, but I am curious on pricing and features through the V.

    30.12.2010 18:33 #7

  • ZeusAV

    Verizon prices will likely be the same as AT&T. Still expensive and overpriced. I'm starting to wonder if this will ever happen. Verzion and T-Mobile iPhone rumors have been going on over 2yrs now. Last article before this one said the Verizon iPhone would be announced the last week of December.

    Even so I'm happy with my T-Mobile iPhone 4, just wish it had access to their 3G and HSPA+ data.

    31.12.2010 13:31 #8

  • mike.m

    Originally posted by RLE271000: iphone, shmi-phone. As someone who has used both, the Droid is better. At least, that's my opinion. Although it would be smart for Verizon to offer the iphone. It will aloow them to expand their already large customer base. It's not just your opinion, your actually stating the facts which others refuse to realise. For once, the only thing the iPhone has that is "better" is its slightly higher resolution display..........that's it. Droid: removable battery, SD card slot, flash, gorilla glass, other androids also have higher resolution cameras, AMOLED displays, and HDMI ports. iPhone does not have one of these things, yet all Apple followers think their iPhone is better??? Give me a break. You are right in saying, the Droid already kicks the crap out of the iPhone, and just wait till the Motorola Olympus and a hefty of other phones coming out this/next month, I honestly donít see how Apple still has a market share, but I guess fanboys will always be fanboys.

    2.1.2011 03:34 #9

  • bratcher

    I'd love to have a Verizon Iphone, if they ever come out!!

    7.1.2011 11:28 #10

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