BBC iPlayer headed to Android, iPad

BBC iPlayer headed to Android, iPad
The BBC has confirmed it will be launching iPad and Android versions of their popular iPlayer, starting next week.

On February 10th, the Flash-less iPad app and the Flash 10.1-based Android app will be available for UK residents. Android users will need version 2.1.

Furthermore, all versions of the iPlayer will be updated this week to add 'inter-linking,' which allows for non-BBC content to be offered through the service.

Each of the apps will only be available in the UK due to licensing restrictions, but the BBC has promised international apps "soon."

You will need to be connected to Wi-Fi on your media device to play the video content.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 9 Feb 2011 0:32
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  • plazma247

    Yeah its ok, but all it appears to do is re-stream the live streams.

    Im not sure if this will last as the BBC have taken out everything thats come before like this.

    Ok it works but, the quality sucks as it appears to re-compress the streams from the broadcasters and not well at points it was like artifcat city.


    Quality was outstanding as it connected to the same streams used for streaming to nokias, no adverts, hint hint tv catchup and had no need for flash.

    THE BBC systematically killed off all other apps before lunching theirs, which in every way is worse than myplayer

    So tvcatchup wont have the bbc as before 2 long before the bbc will decide they dont like people making money from their content and kill that to.

    Watch this space....

    10.2.2011 07:42 #1

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