Report: Facebook will buy Nokia to create 'FacePhone'

Report: Facebook will buy Nokia to create 'FacePhone'
Last week we reported on Facebook hiring former Apple engineers in an effort to begin creating their own smartphone.

Today, Paul Amsellem, a marketing 'expert' for the Mobile Network Group, has said he predicts Facebook will buy Nokia in the next year on route to creating the 'FacePhone.'

The phone itself will hit the market within 18 months, and will run on Windows Phone 8.

Says Amsellem: "Facebook will launch the FacePhone. And whether it has a blue color and a logo with a big F on it, it will definitely be disruptive. Even at this moment, Facebook doesn't know what it will look like, but they need to do it."

Here is where Amsellem's predictions gets a bit rougher, however. The expert says Facebook will eventually acquire Nokia for $10 billion, or if that falls through, they can acquire RIM (maker of the BlackBerry) for $6 billion. Nokia currently has a value above $10 billion and would almost certainly need to sell at a premium. RIM has a value below $6 billion and is continuing to collapse, so a $6 billion buyout could make sense, if the company could get over its Canadian pride.

"Facebook needs somebody with an understanding of networking, technology, carrier relationships and logistics," adds Amsellem. "They can acquire one of these two players for not a lot of money."

The social networking giant has had a rough start to its time as a public company, with its stock falling 27 percent in less than a week, giving the company a value of $70 billion compared to the $104 billion it started at.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 30 May 2012 8:43
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  • Mysttic

    This is a bad idea.... Hell facephone name itself is a bad idea.

    30.5.2012 08:58 #1

  • Mayhem351 (unverified)

    FacePalm. Paul Amsellem IS A TOOL. If facebook were to create their own phone they risk alienating the broader smartphone community, and it certainly wouldn't run WP8 unless they could customise the UI to be different to everyone else. More likely to be Android even though MS have invested in FB.

    30.5.2012 09:20 #2


    I guess I'm missing something, can someone enlighten me? If someone else (RIM or Nokia in this example!) build the phone, then use someone else's OS (such as windows) what on earth will make it a Facebook phone? A cheesy skin to the OS? Or wait, a dedicated 'share' button? Oooh I'm so excited! The same age group that would buy the 'Facephone' would say Epic Fail!

    30.5.2012 11:56 #3

  • A5J4DX

    total fail

    30.5.2012 14:44 #4

  • ThePastor

    Think re-skinned Android phone, like the Kindle Fire.
    I totally see this happening.

    I also totally see this being ridiculed into oblivion.

    Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

    30.5.2012 17:38 #5

  • facefone (unverified)

    should use the name "facefone" ... shorter and more fun !! Besides that, I don't think they'll be able to pull this off !!

    30.5.2012 17:57 #6

  • facefone (unverified)

    Originally posted by Mysttic: This is a bad idea.... Hell facephone name itself is a bad idea. facefone is better ;o)

    30.5.2012 17:58 #7

  • ThePastor

    Fake-fone, for Fakebook

    Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

    30.5.2012 18:19 #8

  • hearme0

    Never gonna be a success............EVER!

    Competing with the likes of Samsung and HTC?? Perhaps Facebook and Mark Fuckerberg should consider opening a chain of auto repair stores since they like getting into stuff they know nothing about and stuff that is clearly already cornered in the marketplace by others.

    31.5.2012 00:55 #9

  • Sebasatien (unverified)

    My thoughts,
    The brand Facephone is already out there has been used and abused multiple times.
    Ever gave thoughts to the brand facefone. Kinda catchy for Facebook users donít you think?
    Now why would Facebook need to buy a phone maker when it could easily use Apples next generation iPhone, the Apple facefone. Itís time for Apple to find a new name for their future handheld gadget. facefone would be the continuity of its famous iPhone brand, but match with the hottest site around, Facebook.
    Call me Nostradamus, facefone is the brand name that will unite the these two giants.

    31.5.2012 21:57 #10

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