Blizzard to bring Diablo III to PS3, PS4

Blizzard to bring Diablo III to PS3, PS4
At the Sony PlayStation event in New York, it was announced that Diablo III would be made available for the PS3 and PS4.

Diablo III was released last June and is only available for Windows and Mac. That's going to change however, as Blizzard Entertainment's VP of development, Chris Metzen, said that they had teamed up with Sony to take over the world.

He revealed that Diablo III is already running on PS3 hardware, and that it was amazing. He didn't give details about it working on prototype PS4 hardware, but confirmed it would be available for both the PS3 and PS4 soon.

Striking a deal with Blizzard is a big win for Sony, and one can only wonder if it will extend beyond Diablo into other franchises over the lifespan of the PS4.

Sony announced the PS4 on Wednesday.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 20 Feb 2013 20:39
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  • SuckRaven

    They sniff the console market pie, or more specifically the profits to be had from that lucrative pie.

    I was a loyal blizzard fan right up through Diablo II and its expansion set, Lord of Destruction, and to a lesser extent Warcraft III. (Of course the original Starcraft is still a masterpiece).

    That's pretty much when Activision started imposing it's "vision" (of $$$ signs) on its employees, and everything became about profit.

    And we have craptacular games like Diablo III to thank for it. If I had to point out one saving grace from this debacle, it's that it's a PC game being ported to the consoles, and not vice versa. Still, I've lost much respect for a once amazing PC games publisher, and even more faith that they will ever again put out anything half way decent.


    21.2.2013 17:49 #1

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