VIDEO: Introducing BitTorrent Bundle, direct-to-fan multimedia solution

VIDEO: Introducing BitTorrent Bundle, direct-to-fan multimedia solution
BitTorrent is showing off its new Bundle Alpha, describing it as a multimedia format and selling it as a solution for direct-to-fan content delivery.

A BitTorrent Bundle can include a range of content, some of which might only be accessible by entering a key, or for example could be completely free but require a user enter an e-mail address.

BitTorrent explains the idea behind the new format as essentially a way to cut out the middle man. A couple of decades ago the middle man was the record store. The record store was replaced by the market chains, and then they were replaced by online middle men, like iTunes and Amazon.

The BitTorrent Bundle is not an album, an MP3, or an MOV. It's a multimedia format. It's an early build of a new type of torrent file where fan interaction, like email collection or donation, happens inside the torrent.

"We're collaborating with electronic music innovators Ultra Music to see what happens when you let people choose how they want to connect with content," BitTorrent's Matt Mason, wrote.

"Ultra's BitTorrent Bundle is a behind-the-scenes look at Kaskade's 2012 'Freaks of Nature' tour, designed to support the artist's May 14th documentary release. It's a flyer. It's a direct-to-fan social object. And it's the world's largest stage; ready to reach 170 million fans from all over the world."

When you download the Ultra Bundle from BitTorrent, you get half the content gratis: the Dada Life remix of Dynasty, and the "Freaks of Nature" tour trailer. The other half of the content inside the file? It's a functional record store, with content you can unlock using your email.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 9 May 2013 11:42
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  • SuckRaven

    Is it just me, or on the Kaskade page, do the blob things look like Daphnia to anyone else? Are these supposed to be the "freaks of nature"?


    10.5.2013 08:45 #1

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