Ellen's star-powered Oscars selfie nears 3 million retweets, smashes record

Ellen's star-powered Oscars selfie nears 3 million retweets, smashes record
Ellen DeGeneres has managed to smash the record for Twitter retweets by a huge margin, and the photo has nearly 3 million retweets as of writing.

During the Oscars, Ellen grabbed a bunch of celebrity friends including Meryl Streep, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and more and snapped a "selfie" using her Samsung-sponsored phone.

Within an hour, the photo broke the record for most retweets, and even took down Twitter for a very brief period, bringing back bad memories of Twitter's early "fail whale" days.

The previous record was President Obama's celebratory 2012 election winning tweet, at nearly 780,000.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 3 Mar 2014 18:42
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  • g_slide

    What a bunch of losers for all that retweet that photo... I guess you have nothing better to do but keep reposting 3 million times.

    It's so funny how people live carelessly through others by following them on Twitter, I guess your life is really boring.

    3.3.2014 23:56 #1

  • DDR4life

    According to Harvey Levin (lawyer) from TMZ, although it "was Ellen DeGeneres's phone," the fact that it was actually Bradley Cooper who snapped the pic means that Cooper is the copyright holder. That also means Cooper would be within his rights if he were to sue DeGeneres for tweeting the pic without his explicit permission. Which, in this litigious society of ours, means written permission.

    Yes, I know that the phone was sponsored by Samsung, and DeGeneres's personal phone is an iGouge not a Note 3.

    5.3.2014 00:27 #2

  • MagengarZ

    My response to the "famous selfie".
    Feel free to share this on twitter and where ever it goes.....



    8.3.2014 02:44 #3

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