E3 2014: Dead Island 2 trailer is full of laughs and obscene horror

E3 2014: Dead Island 2 trailer is full of laughs and obscene horror
Dead Island 2 has been officially announced at E3, and it comes with a very entertaining trailer for any zombie action fan.

The trailer isn't quite as wonderful as the original Dead Island trailer was, but it stand on its own merits. It follows a physique conscious jogger as he goes for a run in San Francisco while listening to music.

As music is pumping in his ears, the Zombie apocalypse is happening right behind him and he has absolutely no idea. For fans of zombie movies and games, the trailer is gruesome, bloody and awesome all in one.

Unfortunately for our poor jogger, he must have previously been infected because he transfers into a hideous zombie without breaking stride.. well until he is run over by a van and then has his trainers stolen.

The following Dead Island 2 trailer was shown at the Sony pre-E3 press briefing and confirmed for the PlayStation 4 so far.

I'm looking forward to this one. Let us hope it is better then Riptide.


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E3 2014: Dead Island 2 trailer is full of laughs and obscene horror
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Written by: James Delahunty @ 10 Jun 2014 0:19
PlayStation 4 E3 2014 Dead Island 2
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  • Jemborg

    At least there won't be the goddamn awful Aussies accents this time around.

    Note to world: It's not a pretty accent, I know, but I've never ever ever ever EVER known anyone to pretend to a passable Aussie accent apart from a couple of poms.


    Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

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    Zilog Z80 CPU, 32KB RAM (16K+16K cartridge), video processor 6847, 2KB video RAM, 16 colours (text mode), 5.25" FDD

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  • dEwMe


    Just my $0.02,


    10.6.2014 14:08 #2

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