Rumor: Three iWatch models coming this year

Rumor: Three iWatch models coming this year
According to a Chinese daily, the Apple iWatch will come in three different models when it launches this year.

The first model will sport a 1.6-inch display while the other two will be higher end 1.8-inch models with one featuring a sapphire crystal display.

It is unclear what other differences the models will have but the sapphire version will assuredly be the most expensive.

Rumors have been flying for years about the watch, but have picked up in recent months with all types of news outlets reporting on leaked specs. The WSJ reported there would three different models, as well, while Reuters reported the iWatch would have a massive 2.5-inch display.

As always, the time frame is the same, with Apple expected to announce the watch in September or early October.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Jul 2014 11:39
Apple iWatch
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  • SoTired

    Pssst, tech manufacturers: Nobody wears watches anymore.

    Remember when Samsung said they sold 800,000 Galaxy Gear watches, and it turned out they had "shipped" 800,000, but only sold 50,000?

    Don't worry, Apple; you'll be different. Everyone wants an iWatch. So we can be just like Dick Tracy. Sure, sure, no one watches Dick Tracy anymore either, but don't let that fool you. These things will be all the rage. It's good that you are making them in several colors, so that consumers will have no problem finding one that matches their 3D televisions and their Ouyas.

    16.7.2014 16:14 #1

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