Nokia N1 has some obstacles to overcome

Nokia N1 has some obstacles to overcome
So, Nokia finally made its return to consumer business with the introduction of Nokia N1 Android tablet. Device is priced aggressively and doesn't seem to fail in terms of specs on any particular area.

However, it has few potential obstacles to overcome:

Lack of Google Play

As Google's terms are notoriously harsh on how manufacturers can use Google's apps and services on their devices, Nokia simply cannot use Google Play store in its device (their Z Launcher isn't conforming to Google's guidelines on how to present Google services in the homescreen). This means that Nokia has to use an alternative app store for its device. Yandex and Amazon both have excellent alternatives, but both tend to miss at least some of the major apps and games.

Only one model available: No 3G nor 4G

While it might not be a problem for most people, who use their tablets mostly at home or in locations where WiFi is freely available, the complete lack of 3G and 4G versions might put off some people. This is true especially in countries where unlimited, cheap data plans are commonplace (and thus, free WiFi access points are slightly more rare than elsewhere in the world).

x86 Android

Sure, x86 powered Android devices exist, but none of them have really, really made it into big league. All the apps should work, as Android is essentially a big Java virtual machine that hides the underlying CPU structure from the apps. For apps built using Android NDK (mostly games), the CPU issue might cause some level of compatibility issues, but that is just an assumption of ours.


Will Nokia expand the availability of N1 to other territories after Q1/2015 China launch? And if so, how soon it will happen? Nokia used to be notoriously bad at keeping its production and shipping schedules when it used to be a major player in mobile phones. Lets see if they have improved their game now that they're relying completely on OEM manufacturers.

Written by: Petteri Pyyny @ 18 Nov 2014 6:04
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  • megadunderhead

    So simple hack the device with android on it simple as pie and install the x86 version of the android google play store and your done by them using amazon and the other stores all they did was turn off sales on the device because amazon and the other stores won't allow purchases through your phone bill where google play will and thinking about emulators for get that both stores don't allow them so the device is worthless great job another nokia junk bin product

    23.11.2014 06:07 #1

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