PSA: Download fix for bad Windows update

PSA: Download fix for bad Windows update
Microsoft is pushing an out-of-cycle update to fix a problem caused by a previous Windows update distributed on Patch Tuesday in November.

The broken update in question - KB3004394 - was distributed last week and has caused numerous problems with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 installations. Problems range from preventing further Windows updates to preventing updates to drivers for graphics cards and more.

Microsoft quickly encouraged users to remove the stricken update and worked on a fix instead. In actual fact, the fix just removes the previous update.

The new update - KB3024777 - will remove the previous update from your installation and should fix any problems you have after a reboot or two. Depending on your Windows Updates settings you might already have gotten the update (and will have been prompted to reboot), or you may have been alerted to its availability instead.

You can manually download the update for your Windows operating system from too.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 16 Dec 2014 11:14
Microsoft Windows Update
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  • hearme0

    With my own unique locked down computer configuration relating to the zones (internet, local), netflix and all web-based video systems work, as well as all internet traffic but I don't need to do MS updates anymore. Simply because EVERY Windows vulnerability that gets discovered and causes MS to send out a patch is CLOSED DOWN with my custom configuration.

    Did this because all too often, MS needs to provide a fix for their fix and it has broken my computer/programs too many times.

    I charge people 200 bucks for this config as it will result in them never calling me again for spyware, malware, virus infestation.

    Point being - I don't need this update as the aspect of Windows this patch fixes does not apply in my system.


    16.12.2014 12:18 #1

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