Popcorn Time: Windows and Mac versions get minor updates as iOS gets a major promise

Popcorn Time: Windows and Mac versions get minor updates as iOS gets a major promise
The team behind Popcorn Time has made a few changes to their Mac and Windows versions of the software and made a strong promise for the upcoming iOS update.

First, the Windows version has been updated to beta 5.1:

After learning about how awesome beta 5.0 is, but also what's not working so well in it, we worked hard on solving the issues and we believe we managed to fix many bugs that were bugging you guys!! First of all, Chromecast should work well again for those who experienced issues with it recently... So go a head and enjoy a good movie on your TV screen again, no problemo!

Other than that we fixed many player issues, the cache folder bug and we increased download speed, enabled support of a bigger variety of torrents and in general we improved the watching experience, so go and watch something and tell us how it feels!!

The Mac beta has been updated to version 4.9.1:

First of all to the burning question you all are probably asking: Why isn't Mac on beta 5.X yet?
Well, with all that's been going on recently, we had to invest a lot of time making sure that Popcorn Time will not be shut down, and that time took a bite from the time we had for development.

Also we had some hard time getting Chromium to work with QT (our webUI engine) on Mac but QT 5.4 was just released 10 days ago with a Chromium-Based Browser Engine, so if everything goes smoothly and we won't have to invest all our time in keeping Popcorn Time alive, we are expecting to release Popcorn Time 5.1 for Mac in less then 2 weeks.

Most notably from the releases was the promise that iOS beta 1.2 will be made available within 3 weeks with free built-in VPN, Chromecast and Airplay support and a plethora of bug fixes.

Check the changelogs here.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Dec 2014 0:32
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  • hearme0

    DEATH to this program. Free movies my ass. Any kind of free flow of illicit content to this degree is ALWAYS too good to be true........as is the case here.

    Network engineer here, been there and done this program several times since inception.

    Two (2) deal killers here and reasons why anyone keeping this program on their computer and/or using it is an absolute GOOF with no regard for your own privacy or safety surfing the web.

    This program works using the K-lite codec pack which it installs w/o notice. There are two (2) viruses in this. Trojans.

    This program is a constant stream from/to the torrents and is being watched. Received DMCA notice from ATT Uverse in Chicagoland for watching the crappy "Selfie" show which was cancelled anyway. Who woulda thunk?

    Peerblock has been a life saver to me for torrenting and unfortunately it cripples this program's ability to effectively upload/download.

    And "VPNing" your internet connection is not only ridiculous, but it's a pain in the ass, unnecessary, costly, neurotic and foolish to engage for one program.

    Popcorn Time is dead!

    25.12.2014 13:33 #1

  • REnninga

    Originally posted by hearme0: "DEATH to this program"....

    "Popcorn Time is dead!"

    REPLY: Someone got a lump of coal in his Christmas stocking!

    27.12.2014 23:18 #2

  • ChappyTTV

    Don't hold back hearme0 my friend...tell us how you REALLY feel about this garbage....errr program.

    I was actually thinking of testing it out, but after that interesting tirade I think I'll let it slide, thanx bud!
    Also, I do not like K-Lite, I have Shark007's pack. He's a good friend and I've never had an issue with anything in the 7+ years of using his pack, although there was an issue with his advert guys slapping unwanted shite into his pack without his knowledge, but he fixed that as soon as he heard about it.
    Gotta get paid for his work somehow but he also clearly states how to install without any of the extra stuff so he does care about his users.

    BTW, Happy New Year my friend and this also goes out to all here at AD!

    30.12.2014 21:34 #3

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