Sharp to being selling world's first 8K TV

Sharp to being selling world's first 8K TV
Sharp has announced that the world's first 8K TV is going on sale soon with the astronomical price tag of $133,000.

The LV-85001 has an 85-inch display and a TV tuner although there is currently no 8K content out there so really you would be buying a large 4K TV that can upscale for the time being. Sharp does say the TV will be used to help with broadcast tests next year.

Sharp used their IGZO tech for the monitor, which offers a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 with viewing angles of 176 degrees. An 8K display has a resolution of 7680x4320, eight times larger than what most current TVs display and Sharp is looking to sell the panel to businesses rather than consumers.

Businesses with a lot of money to burn can begin pre-ordering on October 31st.

Verge via AV Watch

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Sep 2015 13:08
Sharp 8K TV
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  • hearme0

    Too funny as this has been the mark at which I have ALWAYS predicted the next TRUE generation of super HDs.

    4K is not taking off by any means and is seemingly being used to merely 'incrementally' up the resolutions in order to make it to the only true worthy HD step-up from the already great 1080.

    Now, while I concede that so many TVs have 4K and there are those that believe THAT IS what makes a technology truly adopted, I stand by the notion that 4K is being force-fed to the consumer and not something they are interested in at this time. Additionally, the content is so brutally limited with no future potential that I don't believe content providers are serious about it either.

    8K is next, likely standard with OLED then hologram technology after that.

    16.9.2015 13:31 #1

  • SomeBozo

    When i first learned about 4k a few years back, i did my research about them. Along with my research about 4k an 8k popped up that was in the R&D where the engineer who was the head of the project mentioned 8K is where it is impossible for you eye to notice any more resolution. My dream would be an 8K OLED, but doubt they will see the light of day any time soon, too bad.

    18.9.2015 12:42 #2

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