Did you know that Netflix has HDR content?

Did you know that Netflix has HDR content?
While no one was watching, Netflix introduced HDR content to its streaming service. Currently there's a very limited supply of HDR video but you can be assured that there will be more.

According to Engadget Netflix show Marco Polo is available in HDR video. Currently that is the only show available in High Dynamic Range but another Netflix Original, Daredevil, will soon be available in HDR as well.

To watch shows in HDR you obviously need equipment that supports the playback of such content. Netflix says that the service supports TVs with either Dolby Visual or HDR10 features.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 13 Apr 2016 14:54
Netflix Marco Polo HDR
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  • hearme0

    Nice. Seems HDR is a balance between under and over exposed to create realism.

    I only know of HDR in some games.

    13.4.2016 17:40 #1

  • ivymike

    Maybe I'm missing something but what's the big deal with HDR anyways?

    14.4.2016 16:19 #2

  • zxe45

    HDR is the new standard for High Def

    14.4.2016 17:29 #3

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