iPhone 5S gets iOS12 update after all?

iPhone 5S gets iOS12 update after all?
For many years, the Autumn release of new iOS operating system update has also meant that at least one of the iPhone models will be cut off from receiving the latest OS version, officially killing the product's support.

As the inevitable iOS 12 update is approaching, the next in line to be retired would be iPhone 5S, released back in 2013.

However, it seems that there's going to be a change to the familiar pattern and none of the iPhone models would be cut off this time around. At least if believe this Reddit discussion where a redditor had found out that latest WebKit tests specifically state that iPhone 5S running on iOS 12 is part of the test suite.

If true, the change would make iPhone 5S the most updated iPhone model ever. It has gone through five major iOS updates and if iOS 12 really comes to it, it would be the phone's sixth major iOS version.

iPhone 5S was released in September, 2013. If the iOS 12 really supports iPhone 5S, the model's lifespan would be more than half a decade.

Written by: Petteri Pyyny @ 21 Apr 2018 8:21
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  • cart0181

    I loved my 5S. It will be long remembered as probably my second favorite phone ever. Size. Style. Features. Power. A great phone for its day.

    Tried the X, didn't like it. Sticking with the 6S Plus for a bit longer. I hate the size and weight, but it's fun to use. Also enjoying the low cellphone bills! :P

    3.5.2018 23:17 #1

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