Google is speeding up Google+ shut down after a security bug

Google is speeding up Google+ shut down after a security bug
Google revealed two months ago that it was time to shut down their social media platform Google+.

For years Google+ has been considered a dead platform, even though it still has some 100 million users. In October, the search giant announced that it would close Google+ by next August.

Now, after learning about a security hole in Google+ code, they've decided that it should be run down quicker than originally intended.

New schedule is that Google+ will shut down four months earlier in April, 2019. The reason of closure is still the low usage base, but after finding a bug in the code last month that could pose a threat to information security, Google wants to limit the chances of any kind of breach.

The bug was fixes on the spot, and there is no known abuses of the security hole it created. The bug gave app developers access to users' data that wasn't meant public, including names, birth dates and email addresses.

Obviously Google+ has not been the company's priority for quite some time, and thus there's a worry that other bugs might be found, too.

It makes sense that Google doesn't drag out the shut down unnecessarily. Just remember to back up your Google+ data before April.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 11 Dec 2018 10:17
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