SSD prices have fallen 48 percent in the last year

SSD prices have fallen 48 percent in the last year
Although they are still not necessarily "cheap," prices for SSD have fallen dramatically in the last year.

Overall, the average cost of an SSD has fallen 48 percent over the last 12 months, while the prices of traditional hard drives have remained inflated following the Thai floods.

Larger drives saw the biggest drop, with the 240GB and 256GB model prices falling over 50 percent.

The Intel 320 Series, and most of Intel's drives remained expensive, thanks to its proprietary Intel controller.

Several drives finally reached a milestone, though, falling to under $1 per GB. Most HDD cost around 10 cents per GB now at inflated prices.

See all the charts here: Techreport

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 22 Jun 2012 16:10
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  • hearme0

    Just as an Afterdawn article predicted about 1 year ago.

    23.6.2012 15:28 #1

  • aldan

    it will have to fall a little more before i try one on my old machine.

    23.6.2012 22:45 #2

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